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Reimagining IT sourcing: How to improve agility, responsiveness and business alignment through a directional approach

Innovation, digitalisation and emerging technologies are top of mind for many CIOs. They are left stuck between a rock and a hard place: balancing maintenance of legacy environments and early generation outsourcing contracts with innovation and rapid change.

Managing the human perspective of implementing a new sourcing strategy

There will always be forces acting for or against change in every organisation, but some have a cultural advantage. How can organisations evaluate and raise their change readiness level?

Interview with Peter Wahlgren and Jens Ekberg on strategic vendor relationships

In this interview with Jens Ekberg (Head of Insights) and Peter Wahlgren (CEO), authors of the article “A strategic view of service provider relationships: How to realise value in contemporary outsourcing”,  we delve deeper into how organisations must think and act to fully leverage the benefits of specialised capabilities.

A strategic view of service provider relationships: How to realise value in contemporary outsourcing

To leverage the benefits of specialised capabilities, it is crucial to nurture and manage positive and mutually beneficial relationships. To do this, IT organisations need to take a strategic view on the vendor.

The state of ITSM in agile organizations: delivering agile innovation while supporting stable IT operations

Successful IT organisations focus on the customers’ needs. They create a truly service-oriented organisation that is supported by the right technical pre-requisites, a well-tailored delivery model, and stringent fit-for-purpose delivery methods. Most importantly, it is their communication across teams and with their customers and stakeholders that truly sets them apart.

Agile Outsourcing – Realising the value of IT outsourcing through a collaborative approach

Agility and flexibility will be key success factors for future IT. Meeting the need for flexible delivery in an outsourced environment requires new thinking and innovative methods as…

Unleashing IT’s potential – delivering corporate value through agile IT sourcing

In a fast-paced economy IT organisations must have the ability to continuously acquire and integrate new capabilities in order to support the business strategy, increase flexibility and improve…

Are you getting stuck in the blame game?

Service integration is becoming more common with the increase in multi-sourcing, hybrid-cloud and off-shored services. There’s a growing need for organisations to have a service integration and management…

Successfully integrating the multi-sourced environment

With increased multi-sourcing, organisations require a comprehensive service integration capability to achieve their business, financial and quality objectives.

Staying in control over an outsourced delivery

An outsourced delivery of a function, process or portion of work from your business can be a suitable solution for many reasons, such as focusing on the development…

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