Insights: Operations

Moving to DevOps: improving IT performance through better collaboration

DevOps is a powerful approach to software development, especially for organisations facing a high volume of rapid change or wanting to move from infrequent large releases to more frequent…

When agile development and stable operations come to equal terms

An increasingly complex and fast-paced digital environment combined with a great need for a never-failing operations delivery creates problems for many IT organisations. To meet at least a…

Why the incident is not critical but communication is

Working within service operation is a 24×7 task – never knowing when an incident will happen and how it will affect your business. One thing you do know is that your businesses will ‘hang-you-high’ if you can’t manage the communication around the incident. It is probably not your fault that an incident occurs and business owners will understand that, but if you don’t give them the right level of communication and take the right action, they will definitely blame you.

Raising the bar for legacy systems – the benefits of Service re-Introduction

Does your organisation have a multi-sourced IT environment with a high degree of legacy systems and many service outages? The Service re-Introduction is an action driven pre-study that builds trust, creates change acceptance for new initiatives and improves process maturity.

How to decrease lead time in four steps by taking ownership of the demand-to-deploy value chain

Surprisingly few IT departments have a demand-to-deploy process and nobody is responsible for moving the best ideas into deployment in the best possible way.  This article explains how an IT department can take ownership of the demand-to-deploy value chain in four steps.

Managing Technology in an ever-changing environment: Using integration to create business and IT alignment

Successful companies leverage technology integration to create a competitive advantage. Technology integration, strategically deployed and executed with discipline, can be an enabler of cost reductions, improved customer relationships and digital innovation.

The state of ITSM in agile organizations: delivering agile innovation while supporting stable IT operations

Successful IT organisations focus on the customers’ needs. They create a truly service-oriented organisation that is supported by the right technical pre-requisites, a well-tailored delivery model, and stringent fit-for-purpose delivery methods. Most importantly, it is their communication across teams and with their customers and stakeholders that truly sets them apart.

Managing a successful service desk through the service management office

The service desk is the interface between the business and IT and is in many cases the only IT representative that an end user ever comes in contact…

The Service Management Office: Driving IT performance in the face of rising complexity

Delivering IT services efficiently and effectively while managing a multi-vendor environment requires planning, coordination and a high degree of service management expertise. Establishing a Service Management Office (SMO) provides the single point of focus to achieve this.

The folly of framework implementations

Companies are struggling to become more agile to adapt to ever-changing and evolving customer requirements. Within IT, the solution is often to implement a new way of working based…

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