Transformation & Change

Are your IT projects successfully transforming your business?

Successful project and program portfolios are those that, over time, transform your organisation.

A transformation strategy, often shaped by key business objectives such as to simplify, to become more efficient, or to become more profitable, is what often guides the key decisions being made across the portfolio of projects. Accompanied by a view of the kind of organisation you wish to be in the future, a clear, compelling IT transformation strategy will shape how IT can help deliver that vision.

At 3gamma, we understand that in order to make important IT decisions and investments today, you need to determine how they will support your transformation journey. We understand that transformation is about every change being a step towards the ultimate objective, and that strategy and leadership are key elements required to succeed.

Armed with our proven methodologies and frameworks, and our excellent track record in IT project management and delivery, our consultants can help you develop a transformation strategy to inform your change programmes and portfolios. We can also help establish the frameworks to ensure that this strategy is communicated, understood and embedded across your organisation, and that change decisions are made based on a common understanding.

Our Transformation and Change capability, built upon our many years of success in IT project management and delivery, consists of five main competence areas:

  • Portfolio Management – We are experienced at implementing best-practice frameworks for the governance of projects, programmes and existing services to meet established strategic objectives.
  • Program and Project Management – Whether delivering a series of projects within a program or individual projects, we offer a broad range of expertise in numerous methodologies and how to tailor these to achieve successful delivery of the program and project objectives and those of the wider transformation landscape.
  • Change Management – We understand that change management is about reacting to the needs of your business and that it requires proactive planning, control and benefits realisation management. Our consultants are experienced in setting up frameworks for change that allow organisations to be tactically reactive, but that still support and deliver the wider strategy.
  • PMO Services – We can offer team capabilities to drive efficiency and control across a project, programme or the complete portfolio; establishing frameworks supporting methodology, monitoring and decision-making.
  • Transformation Strategy and Leadership – Our consultants will work with you to establish the environment for all change to contribute to the transformation strategy that informs and supports decision making at every level through effective communication and leadership.

How can we help you transform your business?


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