Emerging Technologies

In a digital economy IT moves from being a reactive cost-centre to become a proactive business partner. The IT organisation not only delivers IT services – it is a driver of business development and process reengineering. New concepts, ideas and technologies need to be identified, understood, evaluated and put into an IT and business context. This requires expert market knowledge, an agile approach to technology adoption and a deep conceptual, technological and architectural knowledge, coupled with a strong business-acumen.

Within 3gamma’s Emerging Technologies capability we support clients to:

Identify and prioritise emerging technology based concepts required to realise their business goals and objectives

Accelerate adoption and maximise the benefits of new technology investments by ensuring that solutions are operational and realise intended benefits in both an IT and business context.

Create architectural solutions to define and implement an innovative design integrated with the underlying IT components, and transform legacy environments to meet new business requirements

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