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Why We Talk About Reimagine Technology

Back on track, we release the fourth episode of the 3gamma podcast Reimagine Technology. This time, the topic is why 3gamma has the slogan Reimagine Technology and what are the thoughts behind it. Our guests are Jens Ekberg and Erik Fredriksson. Parts of the content are our ecosystem, culture, working approach and how we interpret trends in technology and market behavior. However, we think the episode talks best for itself. Broadcasted in Swedish, and found on iTunes and Soundcloud. Hope you enjoy listening!

The Graduate Programme

In this special episode we deep dive into the graduate programme and how it is to start off your career at 3gamma. The current graduates kick off with a very personal interview about the program, working tasks and some reflection upon their time at the company this far. Graduates of 2016 are Denijel Becevic, Ted Olandersson and us, Gunilla Gabrielsson and Gustav von Heijne. As a second part, the previous graduates Natalie Jovancic and Alexander Sundqvist tell us about their journey from graduate to where they are today. What are the differences in working assignment? How is the development curve? And what people they think fits into the 3gamma culture. Lastly, Ragnar Bergvik visits the episode. He is lead and responsible for the graduate program and gives us an insight into why it exists, what the goals are and what competencies it intends to educate.

A lot of fun and a lot of useful information for curious, coming graduates. Hope you enjoy listening.

A Brief On DevOps

In our second episode, we are visited by Isak Faris and Rolf Svärd who both are consultants at 3gamma expertising in IT operations. Possessing vast experience of improving performance in many IT organizations, they tell us about their take on DevOps. We get an introduction to the subject, pros and cons, what tools to apply and much more. The episode is broadcasted in Swedish as always. Questions? Please contact


In the pilot episode of 3gamma’s podcast, we meet two of our expert consultants Jesper Nordström and Tomas Betzholtz, who explains the upcoming of microservices and their pros and cons. We also talk about the role of APIs, devops and container when it comes to microservices. If you like to read more about this, Jesper and Tomas have written an insight titled Architecture for speed which you find at 3gamma’s website. The podcast is broadcasted in Swedish and will be released on SoundCloud and iTunes once a month. Questions? Please contact